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Traditional, Blended, and Alternative Families

Are you experiencing problems at home or with extended family members? Has there been conflict and discomfort in the family? Are there differences that cannot be resolved?

Family therapy is an important opportunity to address crisis, stress, conflict or loss that may be affecting the family.  Family dynamics involve communication style and interaction that may not be working.  If there is something happening that is causing stress or discomfort, or if there is difficulty talking about important things, it can be helpful to get an outside perspective to understand and work through the problems and resolve differences.

Family therapy can be with a parent and child, a sibling relationship, and even with in-laws or extended family. It would include whoever you consider family. The basic idea about family therapy is that the family is a system, which  means that what is happening to one person in the family system will have an effect on others in the family system.

Family therapy provides an opportunity and a place for each person to come together and work through issues that are affecting each other.

I work with traditional, blended, and alternative families, and can help with conflict mediation, learning how to talk with each other so that you can be heard, and developing more effective ways to cope with stress.

If you have questions or would like to set up an initial consultation session, please contact me at 415.401.7180.

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